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COOPERATIONS provides a platform for multi-disciplinary, site-specific projects in a community context.

Call for 4 residencies

1. For one Visual artist and one musicians

»Nuit des Lampions« is an event which is dedicated to the “Garden of Wiltz”. Lanterns, fire, light and artinstallations, sculptures and figures encased in a range of artistand musical performances enchant the visitors in the garden and parts of the town itself. In 2014, more than 10000 people visited the festival.
Date: Between July and September


2. For one visual artist

»Kunstkooperationen« (Art Co-operations): Collaboration with artists with mental disability. The working process and the results are part of an interaction between a disabled and a non-disabled artist. Construction of objects and installations, painting, performances or films are evidence of this dialogue.
Date: between April and October

3. For one visual artist

»Jardin de Wiltz« :Plants, earthwork, water, sculptures, paths and stonefields from a 2,5 ha-size living art work, created and maintained by people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, workshop participants, craftsmen and artists.

Date: between April and October


Duration of residencies

between 4 and 8 weeks



Applications should include a CV, a project proposal and images of work done. They should be sent by mail to scheer@cooperations.lu


Application deadline

3 April 2015


We offer

  • work in a social & cultural environment,
  • multi-disciplinary, site-specific project
  • presentation of the artist to local audience,
  • support in terms of organisation, production and documentation,
  • (refunding of) travel expenses (up to 300 EUR),
  • production costs (to be negotiated),
  • per diems (maximum 50€).
  • accommodation


We require

  • cooperation with the festival organisation,
  • site-specific projects
  • presence during meet-and-greets
  • presence during project presentation.


The town of Wiltz

Wiltz is situated in the Luxembourg Ardennes, close to the Belgian border. This town of over 6000 inhabitants is a regional administrative centre, with schools and medical care and a centre for summer tourism with a theatre and music festival. Wiltz has a tradition of cultural variety.


The Prabbeli

Wiltz is confronted with big challenges due to the ever-transforming nature of the industry and business world. Creative and innovative initiatives are required. The project »Prabbeli«, realised by the municipality of Wiltz, is an exemplary case in point. An art gallery, a cinema, various business premises, as well as a café and restaurant have found their place in the transformed buildings of a former brewery.

The name »Prabbeli« (translated: umbrella) is not only drawn from the spectacular pyramid roof construction, which can be admired looking out of the window from the café into the inner courtyard, it also stands for the need to foster the broadest possible participation on the part of the region’s inhabitants.

The blending of activities of the Cultural Centre “Prabbeli” with “COOPERATIONS”-run programmes represents a new and successful model:

A social enterprise with employment training facilities for mentally handicapped people has developed into a major cultural/tourist service provider for an entire region (2003).




  • evolved out of a series of pilot projects designed to create an open environment facilitating art work and collaboration between disabled and non-disabled people
  • and was generated by a group of artists who used their skills to explore models of intervention in public space and the social environment

The not-profit organisation »COOPERATIONS asbl« was founded in Wiltz in 1990, having grown from a project initiated by artists in the 80s. By anchoring the organisation in the town of Wiltz, keeping links with other organisations in Luxembourg and abroad, establishing an adequate organisational structure and developing quality social and cultural programmes, COOPERATIONS managed to create a platform for interaction between art and social participation. Today the name COOPERATIONS stands for two associations. Both companies collaborate closely and also complement each other with their activities.

  1. COOPERATIONS A.s.b.l. — is a socio-cultural not-for-profit association with a wide spectrum of activities and a main focus on culture and social participation
  2. COOPERATIONS Société Coopérative — is an enterprise with a social and economic orientation, a provider of work facilities and income for people with mental disease in the framework of a sheltered workshop

For further information about artistic residencies and mobility in Luxembourg: http://www.culture.lu/en/50/cultural-practice/mobility.html

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